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Media Entertainment Industry

Sony DADC is part of Sony Corporation and needed a flexible development group who could adapt along with them and the changing Industry landscape. A partner willing to learn, demonstrate continuity of staff, highly competent management and transparency of communication.


How can we help Sony partner with the flexibility a changing industry requires?

With our Lean and Agile Methodology, quality results were achieved in a short time. The team demonstrated great communication skills with the client, being able to iterate on a daily basis, achieving the expected results. We have formed autonomous, self-directed development teams.

Our Implementation

We allocated multidisciplinary teams of experts in different projects to work in collaboration with Sony

  • Our Lean and Agile Methodology generated immediate results with fast reaction times to changing demands
  • We jointly created the strategy of a multi-phased approach to take over the growth of their proprietary white labeled OTT platform, Venue, focusing on its global deployment. This required a focus on the multilingual Magento Storefront, content and device management and their integration with various backend systems.
  • Additional teams and capabilities have been supporting other projects such as the Distribution Backbone (DBB) their end to end digital fulfillment solution, their Dynamics CRM, Testing and other smaller application developments.


Lean Development Methodologies will allow us to continuously be learning from the end-users. That learning will allow us to adjust the product to their feedback and needs.

Application Development

Content Platform


  • User Experience Ideation
  • Software design & development
  • Mobile development
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Quality Engineering
  • Social & Data Analytics


  • Python (C#)
  • Java
  • Django ORM and Python Web Libraries
  • Magento
  • Java, .Net
  • SQL
  • Dynamics CRM
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • AWS
” You have done so much good work and it’s right on target.
Thanks and keep it up. ” Andy Durham

Product Owner, Henley Technologies LLC

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